Various Artworks

Various Artworks
Mixed Media

Shellabstract 2

Shellabstract 2
Size: 16” x 16”, Mixed Media – 2016


Shellabstract 3
Size: 16” x 16”, Mixed Media – 2016

Veronique Hahn was born in Casablanca, Morocco and grew up in several countries including Morocco, Switzerland, the USA and The Netherlands where she received a Bachelor degree from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. Veronique Hahn’s art is influenced by the many cultures she grew up in.

She is mainly known for her abstract expressionist art which is based on nature/natural elements, such as, for example, roses and shells. She explores geometrical forms and lines that she perceives as rooted in ornamental decorative art, design and calligraphy, but within an intellectual interpretation and her own cultural world context. Her interpretation is based on life experiences and multi-intercultural influences.

Animals also play an important role in her art. In many cultures around the world, art and writing play an essential role in expression of thoughts and feelings. Her cross- and intercultural art and writing are full of symbols and reflect the philosophical search for the best in every culture in the world.

Veronique Hahn is author and illustrator of the fictional children’s books Hisham-the Little Scorpion-a Magical Story: Leila the Magical Spider; Zara and the Magical Slippers; Rachel and the Moon; A Wonderful Treasure; Nadia’s Famous Dish; Mother Universe-Madre Universo; A Bird within my Soul-A Journey; and other books. She has illustrated and co-authored Yasmin and Zara the Magical Bee; A Small Paradise in the Community; Katrin, the Stubborn Little Witch and Wealth. She is illustrator of the books After School and At my Grandmother’s House-En casa di mi abuela. She created the drawings for the book Ink Reactions/ Reacciones en tinta, a collaborative surrealist work with a poet/writer Rebecca Bowman.

Veronique Hahn has exhibited her art works in several countries, such as in France (Paris, Strassbourg), Germany (Berlin, Mannheim, etc.), Switzerland(Zurich, Geneva, etc.), Austria (Innsbruck) and across the USA. Her first art show was in Switzerland in 1995.
Influences are Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Bauhaus.

Shellabstract 2

Orchid Abstract
Size: 7” x 5”, Watercolor – 2017




Above: Ink Drawings – 9” x 11” – 2017








Above: Mixed Media – 4” x 6” on Paper

Veronique Hahn can be contacted @ [email protected]

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