Mixed Media drawing

Veronique Hahn, a Swiss American artist and writer, likes to work multi-and cross-culturally. She grew up in several countries: Morocco, Switzerland, the USA and The Netherlands, where she studied Art. Her experiences in life have shaped the way she expresses herself in her art and writing.

Time spent in the Alps in Switzerland, by the sea in Morocco and The Netherlands, and natural areas in the USA has given her a love for nature and animals.

As a young girl she read a lot and that hasn’t changed up to this day. As a child, she immersed herself in folklore and fairy tales. Her love for different cultures has contributed to her own philosophical search for the best in every person, in every community.

Veronique is author and illustrator of several whimsical works: Three Little Stories/Tres cuentitos (translated into Spanish by Rebecca Bowman), The Mermaid and the Water Scorpion, and Veronique`s Spring. She has also collaborated with Rebecca Bowman to create The Book of Scars: a commonplace book (artwork by Veronique Hahn) as well as a bilingual book of ekphrastic poems and original artwork, Ink Reactions/Reacciones en tinta (poetry by Rebecca Bowman, artwork by Veronique Hahn), published by ALJA Ediciones.

Hahn has exhibited her artwork in several countries, such as in France (Paris, Strassbourg), Germany ( Berlin, Mannheim, et al.), Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva, et al.), Austria (Innsbruck) and across the USA. Her first art show was in Switzerland in 1995.

Left: Untitled, 2022